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Our Materials

The post-consumer can tabs we use are purchased from local non-profit organizations. We have opted to pay significantly more than they would normally receive from the aluminum recycler. This way, as much as possible goes to the charities that they support. We then sort, wash and polish the very best tabs and re-donate the rest back to the organizations.

The paper stock that we use for all of our packaging is made from 100% recycled paper. Cardboard used to support the bracelet packaging is repurposed from clean but already used boxes (we love furniture stores!). The boxes are cut down to size and get a second chance to be useful.

We find our beads in many places. Of course, we sometimes purchase them from jewelry distributors but we also find them in the local thrift stores. Repurposing beads is a wonderful way to inject new life into some beautiful and unusual beads. Not only is it environmentally sound but some of our most special pieces are made using these great finds. When we do buy materials from jewelry distributors, we only purchase from those that have proven to us that they insist on sound labor and environmental practices from the manufacturer wherever they may happen to be in the world.

Store Displays
The displays we make for the stores that carry our line are made from corrugated plastic that can be completely recycled. The corrugation also ensures that a minimal amount of material is actually being used to get the job done.

Shipping Materials
We use unprinted newsprint from end rolls to wrap and safely pack our jewelry. These end rolls are salvaged from newspaper printers. The presses typically cannot go right down to the core and there is a significant amount of paper left on each roll. They also are a great idea for when you're moving and need to pack dishes or fragile items. It's clean, and can be recycled after you unpack.



Our Story

The vision and passion behind Ann-Made's line of jewelry is Ann Skydell Harmon,
a former special education art teacher. She set out to design a unique and chic product to promote recycling, as well as to show that a business can "do good" for society and the planet in all aspects of its operation.

Ann-Made jewelry is Ann's unique creation made from recycled soda can tabs to remind us that a little creativity can put many discarded materials to new use. The bracelets were the first item in the line and were originally conceived as a project for her alternative school art students. The popularity of the
bracelets were immediately apparent as Ann, her daughters, and fellow teachers received numerous enthusiastic comments each time they wore theirs. Earrings and Pendants have now joined the bracelets in this unique line of jewelry. Each piece is made with great care and attention to detail. We want what you wear to be very special!

The tabs Ann uses for the jewelry are purchased from local non-profit groups that collect the aluminum tabs to support the charitable work that they do. These organizations raise a significant amount of money by selling the tabs they have collected to an aluminum recycler. Ann-Made helps these groups additionally, by paying more for the tabs than the organizations typically receive from the recycler.

Once we get the tabs back to the studio, they are washed, sorted and polished. Only about a quarter of the tabs we purchase are beautiful enough for our jewelry. The remaining tabs are re-donated
back to the organizations so that they can sell these tabs, as well, to the recycler.

All of our jewelry is handcrafted by Ann along with very talented and dedicated assistants. We just wouldn't be what we are without the wonderful people who work with us. Each of the women who help make the jewelry have the advantage of working in their homes. There are so many benefits to this arrangement including being great for the environment.

And very importantly, Ann-Made, LLC donates to a number of environmental and social causes. It's our way of doing our part to help keep our planet beautiful and healthy.

In just a short time, it has become apparent that Ann-Made jewelry is unique and not only serves as wonderful conversation pieces but also stylishly shows how much you care about recycling and improving the planet.

So wear your Ann-Made jewelry with pride knowing your purchase did so much for so many.
And we thank you!







































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