Handcrafted Recycled Art by Ann Skydell Harmon



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Ann-Made earrings are handcrafted using recycled soda can tabs. Each tab is hand-selected, washed and polished to ensure quality and high luster. The colorful variety of beads and stones are added as each earring is artfully wire-wrapped with a variety of copper and other colored wire.
The result is a beautiful pair of earrings that will receive many wonderful compliments.

Because natural gem stones are often used in our jewelry, each stone will vary slightly.
And, of course, everything is handmade. This ensures you will definitely have a one-of-a-kind piece.

Earring hooks are silver-plated surgical steel.

Price: $28.00 each (plus shipping & handling)
Please see our Policies page for s/h costs.



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Lemongrass Tarragon Saffron Verbana
Lemongrass Tarragon Saffron Verbana

BlackSugar Peppermint Clove Silverthyme
Black Sugar Peppermint Clove Silver Thyme

Licorice Cinnamon Cassia Tamarind
Licorice Cinnamon Cassia Tamarind

Ginger Celery Citronella Carroway
Ginger Celery Citronella Carroway